The Church isn’t a building or the singing of songs, a location or a sermon. The church is nothing if it’s not you and me, sons and daughters, belonging to each other because our Father calls us family!

We’re re-imagining what is means to follow the way of Jesus in a faith community during this time of COVID-19, and here’s how we’re living that out.


10:30 Am Sunday gatherings are the primary way we gather as a community to consider the Scriptures, worship together, encourage and join with others who are just like everybody else. Maybe you are curious about God, looking for answers, searching for something or someone, or maybe you are a parent and you are looking for positive influences for your children, we hear you. You are not alone, many of us are still on our journey of Faith and we invite you.

Out of care for each other and in participation with the current guidelines of our provincial government, we are gathering together on Sundays with Contact Tracing, Hand Sanitizing, wearing Masks and Safe-Distancing in your seats. While Masks are uncomfortable, we do keep our service length to 1 hour to help reduce pandemic fatigue. We understand some people are exempt from wearing masks due to Health Concerns and will do our best to accommodate everyone. Many continue to participate from the comforts of their homes and we look forward to the day when we are 100% in person again! We believe that Christ still gathers us up together in spirit no matter where we are, and that’s still good.

Every Sunday Morning we gather In-Person at 10:30 Am. You can also join us live on Facebook or Youtube on Sundays, or watch the replay message at a time that works for you.


12:00 Pm Prayer Gathering in the Church Sanctuary

We pray because we believe that it is a great privilege to pray and to bring before God, who deeply loves us, our and other’s cares, needs and requests. When we pray personally, privately or as part of the faith community we believe that God hears us. As we pray we are advancing God’s purposes into lives and at times desperate situations, seeking always that God’s will be done. We welcome your requests and you are invited to pray with us.

If you have a prayer request please call today:
705-856-2837 (Leave a Message) Text 705-914-0405


7:00 Pm Bible Study (An Evening Bible Study to Accommodate Persons who are unable to attend Morning Bible Study)

Bible study helps us to gain a better understanding of who God is and his role in our lives.The more we dive into God’s word, the more his word changes us, and the more we want to become like him. The more you read and evaluate the gospel and God’s plan of salvation is the more you long to be closer to your Savior!


10:30 Am Bible Study (A repeat Bible Study to Accommodate Persons who are unable to attend Prior Evening Bible Study)


Praise & Prayer 7:00 Pm – 8:00 Pm

We believe in providing a space for people to dwell in. Music is played & can be sung, Scriptures are read & meditated on, Personal Prayer & Corporate(Everyone) for important needs and issues.

This is a space for people who are on a journey of healing, forgiveness, grieving, reflection and hope. May it be a time of refreshing, rest, meditation and renewal for the various moments we all travel on and through.

The community is always invited to engage and receive God’s love always.

You can watch the live stream here.